I grew up loving fairy tales. My mom tried to make them more politically correct when reading them aloud to me, but that did not keep me from an overexposure to fairy tale depictions in movies, in books (once I learned to read), in toys…

I believe that fairy tales are not only harmful to young ladies mental health, but detrimental to their well being.

Let me explain:

Fairy tales fill us with visions of happily every after. With women who are incapable of rescuing themselves from difficulty and must rely on a man to do so for them. Then they wind up together with a bunch of kids. Cue happy music and fading sunset.

What is wrong with this picture?

First off, I honestly do not believe in a happily ever after such as portrayed in fairy tales. The original tales were gory and awful and did not end happily at all. They were later sanitized and rebranded.

Women are perfectly capable of rescuing themselves from tragedy. Not only that, but waiting on a man to rescue them can be even more harmful then helpful. The man who helped rescue me from the life as a trafficked prostitute ended up reviling me and attempting to murder me.

Fairy Tales convince women that as long as we keep the peace in the home, everything will be okay. As long as we are quiet and submissive, we won’t get hit, we won’t get raped, we won’t be condescended.

This is brainwashing.

I’m not saying Fairy Tales are completely to blame. I think society as a whole has a lot to answer for when it comes to Domestic Violence.

But you have to start somewhere. Create your own Fairy Tales. Read alternative ones, where the woman is the hero and needs no man by her side.

  1. Wow, I, too, believed in Fairy Tales! Almost scary how much Domestic Violence victims share in terms of personalities, beliefs and thought patterns! Thanks for sharing!

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