Like I’ve said, I have a thing for kids movies. They make me feel innocent somehow.

One movie that gives me hope when it comes to the typical fairy tale is the movie Shrek.

Shrek Forever After, in particular.

I do protest to the male hero rescues the woman. Enter marriage, children, and a happily ever after.

However, I think the Shrek series is a bit different.

You get to see the dynamics of the male/female relationship after the “happily ever after”, and that, I think, makes a difference.

In Shrek Forever After, Shrek wants his freedom, to be as it was before children and marriage. And as such, he essentially sells his life away for an unburdened 24 hours.

I know my opinion is pretty biased, but I am not surprised by this behavour. I think it is pretty typical of men, and in a way, I am glad that it is depicted true to real life.

But this is where the fun really starts:

In this alternate reality where Shrek does not exist, Fiona ends up rescuing herself!

This is what I love about the movie – female empowerment 🙂

This is a strong beautiful and capable woman who took charge of her destiny, and decided, that even though she had been told to remain in her prison until a “prince” came, she would rescue herself.

She then becomes a leader of orgres looking to right the world. She is a leader of men. She exploded through the glass ceiling and came out on top.

Shrek and Fiona act more as equal partners as they battle evil.

Of course, there is the underlying message that love can conquer all. Which I think is the worst message that a movie marketed to young children could give.

Love is what rescues the man this time, and the ball is completely in the woman court.


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