I love kid’s movies. While I had a pretty idyllic childhood, I carried the secret and burden of being molested with me. So watching kids movies is my method of escapism in the innocent world of childhood I never got.

I recently watched the movie Tangled. And one thing was immediately striking.

The Rapunzel character was being severely emotionally abused by her mother figure, and this abuse explodes violently towards the end of the movie.

For most of the movie, my insides were knotted up with anxiety for the young woman.

I relaxed when she escaped. Yet, as with most fairy tales, she did not use her own resources to escape her prison. She waited until the handsome young man came along to “rescue her”.

The fact that this couple later get into scrapes that the young woman recuses them both from, only furthers my disappointment in this movie. If anything, the young man is a burden whom she should be better off without.

This movie plays into the myth that all too many women believe: We need a man to survive.

Back to the mother figure:

This mother manipulates, controls, and brainwashes her adopted (kidnapped) daughter into fearing the outside world and being afraid to leave her tower. As this mother is her only interaction with the outside world, there is nothing to contradict this believe.

Remember that it is standard behaviour for abusers to isolate their victims, and to make them fearful and suspicious of everyone and everything but themselves. This makes the abuser the victim’s entire world.

When the mother figure “loses control” of her daughter, she then seeks out thugs to control and manipulate, all with the purpose of getting back her daughter, and making her seem like the hero (this will make the false believe system correct, and reconfirm the abusers place as a “god-like” figure – all knowing, and always correct).

So how does the movie resolve itself?

Without revealing too much…

The young woman is once again rescued by the young man.

So my concluding thoughts on this movie?

For adults only. I hate for these messages to be spread to children, and it happens all to often with movie depictions of fairy tales.



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