Johnny Depp Raped?!

Posted: October 6, 2011 in abuse, Empowerment, movie review, survival, survivor, trust
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I was on the bus today, when I caught a glance of the tabloid the woman beside me was reading. The caption on the picture of handsome Johnny read “Johnny Depp says photo shoots make him feel like he’s ‘being raped'”, as told to Vanity Fair magazine.


As soon as I read that, I (internally) flew into an outrage. I could not believe the audacity of this man, who wields so much power and has such media coverage and credibility, would say something so careless and thoughtless!

Rape is an act of power and control. An act of the ultimate violation of body, mind, and soul. It is the violent penetration of a person without consent.

Being raped has made me feel like people are always watching me, and can tell that there is something damaged about me. Like there is a taint on my soul. I feel dirty in a way I can never get rid of, no matter how hard or how long I scrub my body.

Being raped made me lose my sense of boundaries, my sense that there is any justice in the world. Being raped destroyed my ability to trust another person.

Being raped means I cannot be intimate with another person without dissociating – meaning I simply go through the motions but I am not there.

I am left with complex PTSD, severe nightmares, triggers that take me to images of the past. Sights, smells, actions, any little thing can set a trigger off in my brain and send me straight back into the past. I relive the abuse daily. The beating, the rapes, the emotional terrorism.

I tried to kill myself 6 times, and should have died the night my ex strangled me.

This is how Johnny Depp feels?

I think, dear Johnny, you just lost a fan.


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