Wake Up!

You have undergone severe brainwashing. And the mind-fuck continues way past your escape of violent situations. What you see and feel about yourself are the imprints of degradation, condescension, and cruelty.

We are not born broken or damaged. Just like all the cells in the body renew, you can un-break and un-damage yourself.

Wholeness is possible. You can cement the broken pieces and become stronger for all the struggle.

You have a brilliantly tuned bullshit detector. You know when violence is lurking around the corner. You know when words don’t match actions don’t match touch don’t match body language don’t match expression.

Consent. Such a beautiful and controversial word.

Consent starts within. When you’re fragmented, ask you Mind, “Is this okay?”. Ask the Body. Ask the Victim. Ask the Fighter. Ask the Wise parts of you. Ask the Child. Ask the Rage and Hopelessness.

Is this okay?

Once your Self learns to trust you again, fragmented pieces begin to mend. You learn to break patterns.

Smash apart your core beliefs. You have worth. You are lovable. You are perfect exactly as you are.

Nothing that has been done to you or that you’ve been made to do has any baring on what makes you you.




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