Prostitute: A sexually exploited woman who need love, support, and acceptance. Every look of condescension, every sneer, every leer, every dismissive actions confirms her worthlessness. She is a daughter, mother, sister. Absolutely precious.

Pimp: Subhuman. Damaged in such a way that he cannot see the innate value of humanity. Charming, manipulative, controlling, abusive. They destroy lives and are celebrated and revered for it.

John: A name used to normalize sexual inequality and mass rape of women. Just as I was nothing but living porn to them, they remained nameless and faceless to me. The difference is that they got to walk away. I carry the scars.

Service Provider: Normalizing the Sex Industry by giving it a professional veneer. Pro sex work lobbyists can argue that it’s a career like any other. Um… yes, there are jobs that are humiliating, stressful, degrading. But if you’re not getting raped night after night, I’d say you have a better job.

Review: Turning women into a product, raving or critiquing every aspect of her person and performance.

No little girl thinks to herself that she will grow up to become a rentable body and garbage receptacle. There is no such thing as a happy hooker. Only those that have cultivated effective denial as a survival tactic. Distress reveals itself in unspoken ways. Self-harm of various types, through mutilation, body modification, food intake, drinking, drugs, dissociation, isolation…

I’ll have to pick this topic up again. For today, that’s all I can write.


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