I don’t get it.

There was a picture posted on FB last week. Some bs about if a girl ignores you, you should pay more attention to her.

Um. If I ignore a guy it’s cause I want nothing to do with him, and stating my lack of interest hasn’t worked. No Contact. Anyone who’s lived through violence knows that one. I’m not being a bitch, I just know your not healthy for me. I don’t need to explain or justify myself to make you feel better. I’m just saying goodbye.

The end.

Except its not. It never is.

If I cease contact, I don’t want you to call or text me. I don’t want to hear how much you want to see me. I don’t want to hear anything about how beautiful I am, how much fun we had, how trustworthy you are, how much you’ll ‘make it up’ to me, about how you bought something special for me.

All I hear is manipulation and lies.

Doesn’t matter if you’re being 100% genuine. I won’t believe a word you say.

Call me babe and you’ve lost me. Even without uttering any other words.

Tell me you could get laid at anytime, but don’t, and therefore don’t want to see me to have sex tells me a few things. One, you have no problem lying to me. Two, you have more intimacy issues then I do. And three, you devalue and objectify and sexualize women. Which goes back to intimacy and lying. If you tell me you simply want to see me, and emphasize you won’t try to get me naked, I know that’s exactly what you want.

If I wanted to be with you, you’ll know it.

I know I’m special, I know I’m beautiful, I know I’m fun. I don’t need your validation. I don’t welcome your flattery.

The next time the past decides to call me, I won’t even bother answering.


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