Snippet of mySelf

I am a 26 years young, first year student on her way to becoming a teacher. Occasional opera singer, painter, sketcher, writer and dancer. Worked with the elderly, in daycares and currently with adults with special needs.
Loves to cook and feed others. I am a good listener and I have a comfy shoulder to cry on. I work twice a week in a coffeehouse, I make a mean cup of espresso and my coffee standards have risen incredibly high as a result.
Known to sneak up on people because I’m quiet – which means I am a successful stealth hugger.
Loves getting lost, because it’s the best way to find yourself – which happens after the panicked phone calls to my aunt sobbing that I have no idea where I am…

Oh, and former victim of: fibromyalgia, eating disorders, bipolar, self-injury, abuse and coercion into the sex trade.

  1. cortezsharkman says:

    Hi Sweet Siren. We have similar blogs. I see your strength in yours. Good luck to you.

  2. Hello
    Thank you for the comment on my blog. It made me sad to read what you’ve been through. I am sorry if the interview I did with the sex worker upset you. For what it’s worth, I dont agree with everything in the interview – I was simply putting another view out there. I was surprised at the normalcy placed on sex workers in the interview too – and perhaps it’s because of the niche industry of working for people with disabilities, but the impression was made that sex workers are common, well adjusted and proud of what they do, without any psychological effects.
    I hope you heal soon.
    Like you, I (not a sex worker but Someone with a chronic illness/disability) long to be valued with love.

    • sweetsiren69 says:

      I had to put on a front of empowerment and choice while I was in the Trade. It’s a survival mechanism… I appreciate your comments 🙂

      • I was discussing the interview on my fb page with a friend. I wrote to her that it’s sad paying for sex has to be an option for people with disabilities. While satisfying their needs, it suggests that people will only they sex with them if they pay them to. Is it taking advantage of the financially and emotionally disadvantaged on this case?
        There are many issues here.
        However I think Touching Base as an organization does a good job of educating the disability industry about sex and disability.

      • And I’m not site if you have already but I encourage you to read my post before the interview – my experience with skin hunger, and also “untouched” – they may give you context about why I did the interview.

      • sweetsiren69 says:

        Yes, I read them first. I totally understand your stance, and I agree with where you’re coming from, especially since I have had my own experiences with being unable to touch or be touched. For me, it’s the small, affectionate gestures that mean the most. No obligation or strings attached. Just giving love 🙂 It has allowed to me treat others the same.

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